How to remove the mobile number from a Yahoo email account?

It is well-known to all that Yahoo offers a secure mail server. It holds the upper-level security system. But in case if you are coming across the problems in properly managing the account then your account might get locked at any moment.  Thus, in that case, you will be compelled to knock the door of the well-qualified technicians immediately to have the solution service to access the locked account.

Yahoo customer service number

Yahoo email system is the choice of millions and hence it creates problems at a big level. We have made this assisting source for the convenience of common users.  All people are not technically sound and they begin to face troubles at last. Another problem Yahoo users face is that they lose access to their mail account. These all create lots of chaos for them. Therefore our Yahoo customer service number is always here to help you out any time upon the requirement.

Now, how you may add or remove the mobile number from Yahoo mail?

      • In the first step, move to the Yahoo account.
      • Tap on the user profile of the account which is available on the right side of the top of the configuration.
      • Further, you need to tap on the account info.
      • Again you will need to access your info page; you can see it by the category section that is lying on the right side.
      • After this, get to the account security option by tapping on the section of the right side.
      • Later these steps, move below that option account security and follow the process to sign up the Yahoo account.
      • Tap on that and now you will come across a pop-up window. This will open and you can see the option available as “add recovery phone number”.
      • From this part, you may delete the old phone number and take initiative to add a new phone number.
      • To change, tap on the option available as add recovery phone number.
      • Once again you will come across the pop-up window and you have to later select the county and secondly enter your phone number as well.

    Next Steps Cont…

    • Now enter the mobile number
    • Further, initiate for the verification of the mobile number using the one method available among the two.
    • Select among-st them and conduct the verification process for your mobile number.
    • If you have changed or updated the new mobile number, then it means the process has got complete successfully.

In case if you find the availability of any technical problem, then immediately dial our call yahoo customer service representative which is toll-free one. Our effort is to create a hassle-free platform for all Yahoo users. This will help them to go ahead with their business without any trouble.

Easy steps to fix the Yahoo password recovery issues

Are you seeking help for yahoo! customer care phone number issues? Despite several efforts, you could not find the solution platform? If you say yes then don’t get overly worried, we have shared enough piece of knowledge to let you know about the concrete step to recover the password immediately.

With the development of several platforms for the exchange of the messages, we have Yahoo as well. When the word Yahoo strikes the mind, we may conclude that it has been in use for many years.

Yahoo emailing platform is the oldest one and is the choice of millions. Sometimes there is a need for changing the password. Why it is so? What creates such kind of situation? Several factors lead to the necessity for recovery of the password for the current email account.  The technical problems are not limited to any level. Thus it is important to stay aware of the possible issues.  All you need to do is to reach us by dialing Yahoo customer service number  lies available at all times.

Yahoo Customer Service Number +1(855)-735-0014 – 24*7

Being a yahoo! customer service phone number user, you may adopt the easiest way to conduct the recovery of the password. You may prefer to use either the registered alternate email or phone number to receive the confirmation code. It is true that all work on the common user ID and password to access their email account. How to manage if you have lost the password? The only remedy is to change it and this will help you to get to the account.

Steps to recover the Yahoo password:

    • You will need to go to the Yahoo’s contact page and then choose the password and sign in step.
    • Choose the forget password option and tap on the password helper.
    • Further you will require answering the question correctly to get access to the account.
    • In case if you have forgotten the answer to the question, then what should be your step is the first aspect.
    • After that you need to move to the password helper and tap on the email address and select the option available as “I don’t know  My Yahoo customer service number address.
    • Later if you have the mobile number then you have to insert the registered mobile number so that you may receive a backup code.
    • If it is not available then you may prefer to select the alternative email id that you may choose from in case you have established it.
    • At last, you need to recover access to your account through the confirmation message that would be sent to your mail.

These are the steps through which you may quickly recover the Yahoo password in a short time. Our yahoo! customer support number is available at all times to offer you an instant service on the requirement.


Yahoo web mail platform has given a lot to its users. But the unexpected kinds of problems lead to several hurdles. For this reason, we have created this blog post so that Yahoo users may have an idea about the need to manage password recovery issues. yahoo! technical support number is also there to let you get connected to the experts immediately on the requirement. 

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