Yahoo manifests to close down the inactive account: How to deal with it?

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Yahoo manifests to close down the inactive account: How to deal with it?Recently Yahoo has decided to close down the inactive accounts. This refers to the situation where Yahoo customer service number USA  users have not logged into the account for last one year, Yahoo will make those account public so that other people may claim for it.

Now as a marketer why you need to take care of your email account? It will affect the deliver-ability of the next email.

As an instance, say your email account has not been used for the last year then another person of your name would be eligible to claim. On the other hand, one possibility may also arise that no one raises the voice for your email account, your account will still be closed all emails will be bounced sent to the same address. The final impact to which you will come across is the deliver ability issues. Our Yahoo customer service number USA  is always there allow you to have a conversation with our experts.

Therefore what should be your action to maintain the system of the Yahoo email account? How you may prevent deliver ability problems? We would like to discuss the proper steps for this specific factor.

  •  The first step would be to login to your constant contact account and go to the contacts pages.
  •  Now under search contacts, you have to look for the search email addresses.
  •   Further click on the save as a list and later name your new list.

After you receive a new list, you may opt to create your email:

The real goal of the email is to look for which contacts are using their Yahoo email address. Later in the email, you have to ensure the reader’s attention to the update profile link automatically.

After these steps, how you will be able to clean the list of all inactive Yahoo accounts?

  •  Once again after logging in to the constant contact, tap on the email and then reports.
  •  Get to the sent column of the page and tap on the hyperlinked number.
  •   Tap on the save as a list button at the bottom of the page.
  •   Click on the add contacts to the list button.
  •   Get back to the reports link and tap on the hyperlinked number under opens to display the opened contact email screen.
  •    Further tap on the export button lying on the bottom of the page and export as CVS on the text page.
  •    Make click on the activation link that is available on the page.
  •    After few minutes tap on the “refresh” button for the verification of the export unique features
  •    Once the export has been completed, tap on the export opens the link.

For more help and guidelines you may call us on our toll-free Yahoo customer service number anytime according to your needs. Our experts work 24/7 hours.


The manifestation by Yahoo should not impact you deeply as there is a management remedy as well.  We have also deployed our experts. They are always available on the Yahoo customer service number. Thus dial our number anytime.

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