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 AYahoo contact number is very helpful to have words with Yahoo technicians. It allows Yahoo users to have quick solution service if required.  The emailing platform is the best way to communicate for the professional subject with the associated people. With the development, we have several platforms and Yahoo webmail is the one serving significantly. This blog has been written for Yahoo users. Yahoo webmail has various attributes that are quite important for its users. Emailing software has created a smooth platform for all of us. We get more features apart from the exchange of messages. Yahoo customer service team works through round the clock to help out the customers.

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Here we will talk about the attachment process in this section:

  • In the first step, make click on the option attach which is next to the paperclip and above of the compose window. 
  • With the help of a file locating the window, you have to search for the file that you want to attach and tap on the Open or OK Windows.
  • You will see that the name is visible above the Compose Window.
  • If you want to add more attachments, follow the process once again. Yahoo mail has the potential to scan each outgoing attachment for viruses.

Now another aspect is how you may download the received attachment:

  • You have to move to the full message view option to read the name, type, and size of the attached file.
  • Further, you have to click on the name of the file and you will see that a virus scan is checking the document.
  •  Next, you will come across the Window making you known that threat has been detected.
  •  Make click on the “cancel” in case if you are not willing to open the attachment.
  •  Now another window will allow you to select the same option for the file lying on your computer’s drive. 

Know about the message archiving and searches:

As far as the Yahoo mail is concerned then it enables its users to establish a folder for the storage of messages. You will come across the multiple folders which exist itself. 

Initially, you have to look for the windows lying on the upper left along with the magnifying glass icon and the words and then here you can type your required mail.

  • You may put your requirement in the form of a name, a word in the message.
  •  Tap on the option Go and hit the options enter.
  •  You will see that a tab has opened contained with all messages included with attachments.
  •  Now tap on the messages which you wish to open.


The most important thing is that to avail the functionalities of Yahoo, it is necessary to have a Yahoo email account. Sometimes you might be unable to access your account. However, tech issues are not new at all with Yahoo email account. Apart from that, our Yahoo customer service number is always available on which you may contact our experts anytime. We provide the solution service 24/7 hours. Yahoo contact number is a toll-free means to get connected to the experts.    



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